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There is a menu option under each Contact record called engagement. It lists when each contact was sent a campaign, the name of th4e the campaign. and when the recipient opened the email, if they did. See below... May 2, 2023 8:55am • Opened • Email • "BGD-230501-Vol 6, Issue 4 - Struggling to survive in a world of constant change" on desktop device 7:30am • Was sent • Email • "BGD-230501-Vol 6, Issue 4 - Struggling to survive in a world of constant change" I have no knowledge of what actions are recorded here, and assume any click-throughs are captured. Is there a way to get an aggregated look at that data, ALL the opens with contact names and campaigns opened?
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Hello @LarryM333 ,


You can view and export the contact drilldown lists for individual email campaigns - opens, clicks, specific link clicks, etc. when viewing the reporting pages for those campaigns. 


Email reporting overview

Open report

Click report

Did Not Open report


As far as getting a report for an individual contact, you'd need to pull data from the various drilldowns of emails they were sent. There isn't otherwise a way to get a singular contact's activity into an export.

William A
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Thank you, William_A. If I have further questions or need help, how would you recommend I secure those answers or help?

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Hi @LarryM333. Our Community is here to help! You can post a new topic on our Get Help page and we'll be here to assist you. If you prefer to speak directly with an agent for faster assistance, see our Help Center for all support options and hours of availability.


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