Discussion: What are some cost-effective event promotion ideas?

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You’ve planned your event and are ready to take that all-important next step: promoting it! Promoting your event is essential to attract potential attendees and increase visibility for your business or organization. Let’s look at some cost-effective ways to effectively promote your events:

  • Add an event calendar to your website. It can be as easy as embedding a Google calendar, or it can be something “fancy” like a WordPress plugin. I use the Events Calendar plugin for my website and it works like a charm.

  • Promote your events in your email campaigns and on social media. You can link to your signup form from your emails, and you can create events on Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn.

    Note: if you can put some funds into your promotion budget, Facebook ads create a wide net and advertises your event to a larger audience. If you have a Constant Contact account, create a Facebook or Instagram ad through the Social tool

  • Add your events to your Google Business Profile. Using the Add Update function, you can include all the details, images, and a registration link. The best part is Google Business Profile is free to use!

Let’s hear from others. How do you promote your events on a small budget?

Melanie Diehl

Melanie & co Marketing Collective

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Thanks for the helpful tips, Melanie!


I was giving this some thought myself and one of the first things that popped into my head was try reaching out to your local community to partner on the event. I've been in a lot of restaurants where they'll have flyers and such posted in the entryway, for example. It could be as simple as that. Depending on the scale of the event, there could even be some quid pro quo by having them participate in the event in some fashion for the free advertising in their establishment.


And I think as an extension of your point about promoting it on social media, if you're friendly with anyone with a large internet presence, it wouldn't hurt to see if they believe in what you're doing and might be willing to promote the event through their platforms. Influencers can have a huge effect on building interest for things!

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@MelanieDiehl  is the go-to expert on this topic; thank you for your contribution!


My thoughts, implement contests or sweepstakes. Conduct social media competitions or sweepstakes where individuals have the chance to win complimentary tickets or exclusive merchandise by promoting your event or interacting with your posts.


Utilize Web Directories. Add your event to online event directories and local event calendars. Several of these websites provide free listings and can enhance the exposure of your event.


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