How to get document emailed from landing page

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I am looking to set up a new landing page that will email the visitor a document after entering their information into the landing page. I usually set the Thank You page up so it's "Thanks for signing up, click here to download your file" So they click a button and the file opens in a new window... but I would rather do it this way: "Thanks for signing up, check your inbox for our the file." Then they can just go check their email and they have an email waiting on them with the file attached - or - a link to open the file. Main Thing, I want them to get an email with access to the file... and I would like to do this with more than one landing page, each with a different file to access.

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Hello @NanetteM4 ,


You'd want to set up a list-join automation to trigger from contacts being added to that form's assigned list, and have that file link included in the initial email step. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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I *just* figured this out!  Thanks, William!

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