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What social listening tools are small business owners using to know what customers are saying?


I am trying to determine what the best tools are for learning about what customers are saying online!

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@TraceyLeeDavis @ACTIVATE @MelanieDiehl @LeaveittoLindsay @DavidFischerSolutionsForGrowth Any thoughts or tools you use to run your businesses?  


In a prior life as Social Media Marketer for a non-profit animal shelter, we utilized any free tools we could.


One was Hootsuite, for social media posting and monitoring. The other was buffer, another social media listening app that let us track mentions across social platforms. Constant Contact was our primary email marketing tool and brought in the largest amount of donations via any digital marketing tool. Either Constant Contact social tools hadn't been released yet, or we were unaware of it at the time, otherwise we would have used it. 

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In addition to the great answers already given (Buffer, Constant Contact (including their full Lead Gen & CRM system) there are also Google Alerts on keywords, phrases, topics. This is a way to hear your company or services mentioned or to follow and track trends online among prospects so you can engineer your content in that direction.

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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