Trends, Tacos, and Tuesdays


Although it’s not Thursday and #TBT isn’t acceptable for a Tuesday, I figured we can still talk about how trends repeat themselves over time. If you haven’t heard, layering your tank tops, boat shoes, and skorts are the next biggest fashion trend to wear this spring- separately of course. Although, if you can pull off all three, more power to you! 


These items are being recycled and revamped by the next generation. Worst part is, they’re calling it a new “invention” to double layer shirts and calling Sperry’s “vintage”. Although comical, this is a great example of how we can see trends repeat themselves not only in fashion, but in marketing as well. 


Let’s take tacos for example. We all know tacos to be a classic staple food item paired with margaritas (or your drink of choice). Tacos are trending now as a Tuesday necessity #tacotuesday. If you feel like this is a recent trend in the last 5 years, you’d sadly be mistaken. The coined term originated in the 1980’s as a way to market buying 2 tacos for 99 cents on the slowest day of the week- “Taco Twosday.”  


Marketing, like fashion, will constantly evolve but heavily rely on trends. Restaurants that serve tacos have taken this day and ran with it in their marketing- offering specials, deals, and even promoting events. 


What are some trends that you’ve seen in your marketing style from when you first started your business that have come back around to better serve you and your customers now? 

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QR codes for sure! They came onto the scene and really fizzled out, but the pandemic showed how handy they can be and now they are everywhere!

Tracey Lee Davis

ZingPop Social Media

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That's such a good call out! Leveraging QR codes has definitely been a game changer.


User reviews! They heavily influence how people decide to buy. I for one don't buy anything without looking at well-sourced reviews.

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Community Coach

Interestingly enough, longer form video content is trending in 2024. Research indicates that viewers are consuming videos in excess of 15 seconds, which could be a game changer for brands and content creators. My takeaway: go ahead and make those 30-second videos!

Melanie Diehl

Melanie & co Marketing Collective

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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Gemini, ChatGPT, Otter, Canva, Lumen...those are an important part of marketing's (and humanity's) future.
AI tools will take much of the drudgery out of some marketing tasks, allowing us to focus on strategy and bigger-picture concerns.
Think of Constant Contact's AI tool. It's a revolutionary way to get people using Constant Contact who are intimidated by the "...I can't write..." fear. It's pure genius. 

David Fischer

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Note: I am not a Constant Contact employee.

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