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Hi Constant Contact, the new system now includes social share links mandatory at the top of individual email archive linked copy, unlike the previous system which did not. For our use, we need to NOT have social links on selected archived emails, so please remove these OR add option to remove them. Otherwise we cannot continue to use CC after several years & need to move to a different email marketing service ASAP. Thanks, Matt

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The email newsletter I produce is for members only and not to be shared. I need to be able to offer a web version that does not include the social sharing links in the header. Is there a way to disable this feature?


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I noticed that the web version of a sent email always has sharing options at the top. I called CC just a short bit ago, and was told that the bar is always added to the URL version and it's not removable. It's disturbing, because if we have an exclusive VIP invitation (or an email of a semi-sensitive nature) with no social sharing options added, and we share a web version with a person, someone potentially could share to any of 200+ social media sites!! To me this violates our privacy as a subscriber if we do not opt in to this option, and it potentially opens us up to problems if sensitive info or VIP invitations get shared. In addition, I was just recently told about the "Join Email List" button in that top bar. We had to strip that subscriber list down to the minimum, because we previously used it to resubscribe people to lists that are not meant for just anyone to join. Now I don't have a way to resubscribe those people. Please make the sharing bar OPTIONAL with the URL version. Otherwise it opens orgs up to potential problems by making info accessible that the orgs did not designate to be accessible. Thank you!
On the generated email link from a sent newsletter, I need to be able to delete a social icon without deleting all in the header, and I want to delete the header link to CC since it is going to a page about bouncing emails.
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Been wanting this for years. Would be nice if we had a simple radio button that allowed us to "Hide Share button" and on the backend you guys simply hide the div <div class="shr-bar"> that encapsulates this piece of code.