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It would be great if I could select any three or four options for my mailings to club members. For example, if I wanted to send out a survey one month for a question on painting the boathouse I could. (what color)  It might be something I don't want to pay for every month so, I could select it as one of my free "options" for that month.  The next month I want to simply ask  a yes or no question... that could be one of my five free options to select from. A YES or a NO button. 

Super cool if we could do that. I don't want or need to bump up to $45 per month for a one time one question survey.

Just a thought!


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Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @TeddB25. This is a cool idea, especially for accounts who would like to try out our available options. I'll open it up for voting. 

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