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Ability to turn off Stacking columns on mobile

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Ability to turn off Stacking columns on mobile

Not all content necessarily follows the same format of being presented like a table, and currently the only option for mobile view is for the content to be stacked vertically row-by-row. Sometimes this may be exactly what the campaign builder intended (reading left-to-right in a table of information). However, sometimes contrasting information was designed side-by-side for the web version of the email for readability, but should actually be stacked column-by-column in the mobile version in order to make sense to the mobile reader. It would be incredibly helpful to have a "mobile view option" checkbox just before sending to select if columns should be ordered by rows or columns (same concept as deciding print settings just before sending a doc to a printer).

CTCT Employee
Status changed to: Voting Open

@MaxI121 Thank you for the feedback.  It sounds like you would like to have the ability to stop the columns from stacking on top of each other when a campaign is viewed on a mobile device.  This is a great idea and I have opened it up for voting.

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The mobile view of our campaigns is always extremely distorted. Having the ability to turn off this conversion or to modify the mobile version versus the desktop version would be most helpful.
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The editor shows building blocks with an image to the side and text on the other side, or text on one side and text on the other... BUT on mobile, they stack instead! Why bother? We want it like Gen 2. We want the mobile email to look the editor! It's supposed to look like the editor! We will look at other options if this can't get fixed.