Event platform and CC email regular list-clarify problems, issues


Event platform and CC email regular list-clarify problems, issues

Thank You

I have so many grave concerns. I will also be sending this via email.

Please advise if you got this


1) The broader issue of our emailing list


If people sign up for event that have been a previous customer of ours in our email database, just because they didn't click on opting in for an email from an event function- did CONSTANT CONTACT then render them as someone we can't email in our regular emails.


That is a HUGE problem if that is the case (an obscure  second opt-in that no one knew had all these potential consequences. It should not be an opt-out for past customers as one of the problems.) 


If that is true - we will need you to go through every event we have had historically with you - and tell me who you took off our emailing list because they didn't do a obscure second opt-in off an event page. You will need to check they didn't unsubscribe in other way that is actually true.  Then we should look at them - and they should be back in - as they never meant to get off our CC list just because they didn't check this off in event correspondence.


If this is the case - this needs to be fixed going forward. We simply can't have an event platform that ruins our regular list. Or tell me the functionality that doesn't do this.


2. We have 4 upcoming webinar events in MAY. They are webinars.

It is entirely impossible that people receive the url instruction to get into the webinar unless they get emails from signing up for the event.


On those 4 I have now MADE unique lists fro them to go into..put

a) I don't know the back log of people who haven't done this - and will be mad when they don't get info on the webinar.

Figure out how to get me that and at what time..if you can't fix it now.

b) Maybe I missed some functionality here - but emails for an event should be quite separate from opting in for a general list (which I just thought a nice thing at add for new people and grow our list - I did not realize it might effect older customers). Maybe there needs to be a way to show this info up front.

Clearly people sign up for this event - so they want to go - and they want the info on the event. I can understand if they don't opt in for other mail (but this also should not be an opt out)


As far as I can see form painful experience from doing 2 and a lot of workarounds in April that Jayde tried to help with (and she's lovely - a credit to your company) - this seems to be a large problem(s) that needs some explanation and help.




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Hello @AmberG383 ,


It appears Bea reached out to you via email regarding this exact topic. Were you able to follow up with her regarding the opt-ins and contact permissions?

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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