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I am trying to import contacts from a spreadsheet and am getting this error when trying to map an email address column 'You selected "Email address" for one or more columns of data that are not in the email format. Please select another field name. '


The email address size is


What is causing this address to fail validation?


Thank you.

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Hello @EddieM897 ,


In the preview, are there any email addresses showing up in the column you've marked for email? In the file itself, are there any erroneous spaces before or after the address in those first several cells (or all of them)?


Beyond that, we'd need to take a look at the file itself. Please call our general support team so they can assist you in troubleshooting that file further. If you're unable to call in, please reply directly to the @ mention email you receive from this Community response, and include the contacts file you're attempting to upload, as well as other info like what lists or tags you want assigned, or what columns you need for the upload.

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