Formatting Issue when forwarding


Formatting Issue when forwarding

We have used Constant Contact forever.  One of the things I liked about it was that I could depend on the formatting to stay put.  Since the recent email template update, I have had so many problems.  I usually create the email in CC and send a test to myself and then forward it to my boss.  When I send the test to myself, the email looks great, but when I forward it, all of my hard work making the email look good is gone. The email becomes stretched out, pictures are out of place, random blocks are filled with color when they were supposed to be white. My boss uses outlook.


Here is what I see when I send the test from CC:

What I receive from CCWhat I receive from CC










Here is what my boss sees as it has been forwarded:

What my client sees when forwardedWhat my client sees when forwarded










I've never had this issue before. I would appreciate any help.  When I reached out to chat with constant contact I was told there was nothing they could do.


Thank you!



Hello @BrittleeD ,


Since email clients are the ones who ultimately reinterpret and rework code to forward, we don't have any control over the end results. This is an industry-wide issue for email clients and email service providers, and has been known to affect our legacy and current editor. This is part of the reason this issue can end up so sporadic - as each email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) has completely different ways of forwarding. I've submitted your case to the engineers for further review, but ultimately this isn't really an issue we're able to control.


At the moment, the only workaround would be to add whoever the forwardees are to your contacts, that way they receive the email directly from you.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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