Social media post, posted as soon as I uploaded and added the Photo!

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Frustrated, I was trying something different without a date, and then as soon as I uploaded the photo, the post posted, without me being able to save a draft and post it later, on the correct day.

Unlike Meta, I cannot delete or retract the post. This is enough for me to stop using CC to post social media.


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Hello @KimGCHeartWise ,


When you were setting up your post, can you confirm with absolute % certainty that your finger did not slip , or that your mouse/trackpad didn't accidentally misclick? For example, sometimes I'll accidentally brush my work laptop's trackpad and I'll accidentally click on something to the side of the screen because of it. Ultimately, without additional data collected from live troubleshooting, there's nothing to really work with in regards to this report.


As it is, since your post was for Instagram and Facebook, you can delete the posts from those pages if you feel they were accidental since they're just general posts, not ads.

William A
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