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There has to be a way to insert the update your profile link into the body of the email.  Does anyone know how to do it?  I tried inserting a landing page, but the profile update doesn't show up as one of those.  Please help!


Hello @LansingCityClerk,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we do not have the ability to move the Update Profile Form to the body of the email from the footer. A Landing Page will assist with getting new customers in the account, but it unfortunately wont help with customers who need to update their email address. I will submit your feedback on this as we do understand the importance of moving that link. 

Zoe H.
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I used to work for CTCT a full decade ago. This was a problem then, just as it is now. Honestly, it's 2022 and email automation REQUIRES that the user be able to add or remove themselves from lists, remove optional tags from their account, and more. This is a FUNDAMENTAL email requirement and looking at the update email URL it is still using pre 2012 architecture.  

I'm starting to think the reason developers are ignoring a full DECADE worth of mounting feature requests for a proper update profile page is that it can't be done without re-writing it. And that's a C-Suite problem - so please ESCALATE TO YOUR CEO, not your developers.  They need to bite the bullet here and fund a re-write of this system. This is really hurting them. 

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