help with re-syncing my bigcommerce store with constant contact

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I know and have read that a lot of people have experienced issues with constant commerce syncing with constant contact.  For years it was working and then in 2021 sometime it stopped.  We went into our settings, and all is correct. We even took constant contact off and reapplied it through the big commerce app, but we are getting an error message.  

Additionally, if anyone signs up for the newsletter on our website, it does not register with constant contact.   I even tried removing a contact from constant contact, then tried to add that contact again, but it says that it was already registered.  ?  


We got as far as Launch, then it asks to connect the store, we clicked on that and it takes you back to the loop showing the app. Constant contact shows up but it really doesnt sync.  Seems like an endless loop



Anyone have any solutions that worked. 

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Hello @GlenB3 ,


It looks like you called in and already worked with our Tier 2 integrations team to address the issue. If the problems with syncing begin again, please let us know so we can reach out to that team.

William A
Community & Social Media Support