Ability to cancel email after hitting send now

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It used to be that we had like five minutes to be able to retrieve the campaign before it actually went out. Now we don't have anytime at all. I tried to retrieve it immediately after setting it up and it wouldn't let me. This is not a upgrade, this is a downgrade.

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Hi @TravisB19 would you like an option for sending now to be automatically delayed? What are some cases where you would want to cancel your email from sending after hitting send now.




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When I realized I left something out or my boss asked me to add something.
This has happened a few times over the years and that delay had really been
a lifesaver.


Hi @TravisB19 thanks for following up with this detail! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well. The more votes or comments an items receives the higher a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

I forgot to change something (because of the new format and interface) and sent something. Then I tried to stop it. With the previous interface, I think I recall something that allowed one to do that. This is really needed, please.

I discovered a solution to this.  NEVER schedule an email blast to be sent immediately.  Always indicate the message is to be sent 5 minutes after you initiate the send.  That gives you some time to stop the email message from being sent out.  This will at least give you a chance to stop the mailing--assuming that Murphy's Law of Email Blasts takes effect.


Murphy's Law of Email Blasts:  A mistake in an email message will be detected or realized exactly 1 second after clicking on SEND.

Two things. First, there should be a recall of an email between the time it is marked sent by the person and the time it is actually sent. There could be an automatic 5 minutes between the two. That would be very helpful. Second. You should NOT have to enter the subject in two different places. Having to enter it AGAIN just before sending is not helpful.
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For the love of God, please create a timed delay (30-60 seconds) on sent emails, with a CANCEL button.

You can look at an email 100 times, and somehow you don't notice a mistake until that final confirmation page it shows you.

Somehow, some way, we don't spot typos and mistakes until this page. Would be great if there was a "Wait. NO NO NO" button.

I can't be the first to request this.


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Constant Contact: PLEASE bring back the 5 minute delay before a campaign goes live. There needs to be an opportunity to edit an email when you realize something is wrong. It's so unprofessional to have to send a "Correction" email instead. Removing that delay was a step BACK in product design.
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