Ability to edit HTML in email campaign

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.

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After looking over the 3rd Generation Editor - It seems like it would be very useful and faster for those that do have a lot of design background or do not know HTML code to load content to a given template. However, for those of us that like to push the envelope and enhance upon what is available by inserting additional code, along with features that we have designed from previous 2nd Generation Editor Emails; First, it would be great to add back the HTML code option - because no matter what, sometimes code 'pops', and it would be nice to be able to go in and control/fix that. And, Second, it would be great to devise a method by which we can copy blocks from 2nd Generation Editor Emails and place them in a 'corral' in the editing portion of the 3rd Generation Editor, so that we can 'drop and drag' them into these new templates.

@LisaB834 Thank you for the valuable feedback. These are some good ideas and I will pass your comments on to the editor team.

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Agreed, I'm new and already I hate it.


It's like giving a 30-year-old IT designer crayons and raggedy paper and saying "Here, make something elegant." 


I suspect the bolded statement (they want to sell custom designs) has sussed out the real issue. We're going to have to look at competitors, also, no way am I going to deal with this insanity.



We exclusively use advanced email editor with custom HTML emails. We can't use tags to segment our lists. In fact we can't use most of your newer features, like A/B testing. This is a huge oversight in your development of new features.
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I also need to edit the html. My brand guidelines use sharp corners, not round, so I need to edit the button style. 

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We have to have some way to do minor edits to html. I realize many users need this dumbed down version, but professionals like me with clients that use Constant Contact are having a much harder time helping our clients make their emails look custom and on brand without having to hand code the entire email. I just want to tweak some button styles and let text overlap images. Occasionally adjust padding or use a brand web font. I can't write a whole email in html but I know enough to make minor tweak, which is the level 90% of my other brand designer colleagues work at. Thanks.

I am an avid user of Constant Contact and have had much success with using this, but as my business keeps expanding I need to put in custom html codes for my customers. Yet, I can't do this in the third generation and only the second. I try to use the third when I can and the only reason I have to use the old one is because of the custom html ability. I know the compatibility issues and how it isn't mobile friendly but I would like to know is this being worked on at all? I find this extremely frustrating and would love to see. this implemented ASAP. Is there any work in progress for this?  


Hey @BBrinkley007, thanks for your feedback! This is definitely something we've been working on and we've added a lot of new blocks that accomplished a lot of what users have been requesting such as multiple columns to replicate tables. Allowing users to add custom code into this editor is definitely something we're trying to look at carefully as we want to make sure it's a good experience for you as well as your recipients. If we were to add a custom code block, what type of things would you be adding to it? Are you looking to adjust padding, add custom buttons, or something similar? 


@Chris__D We need the capability to simply be able to remove html that gets copied and pasted into our text. We often have pieces we copy and paste from different sources or from a previous CC newsletter, and need to remove the html that comes over with it. Hitting the clear formatting button often doesn't work fully. The only way to remove it is to actually go into the code and remove the extra "junk" html. Simple as that. 

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Totally agree with Sherry and many of the other comments. Not having the ability to edit html severely limits correction and customization options. One of the features of the old version was it didn't have to be one-size-fits-all.

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