Ability to edit HTML in email campaign

Arghh not dig'n it. How can I view a new account in the old editor? The new editor is like the new social social sharing tool... a wicked drag.

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I agree with @Vanwilgen.

It astounds me that these questions are even still being asked. Constant Contact has been provided with dozens, if not hundreds, of examples documenting what we are trying to do (example: indent a paragraph, add a table, but really there are tons of examples!). It's rather insulting that the same question is posed in the same words every time someone raises the topic again. It's like CC is astonished that someone would want to do something outside their selected parameters.


I too, would love to have this ability.  My reasoning is that I have some information copied from my website and pasted to the email.  My website has a WYSIWYG editor so I can see the code behind it if I so choose.  Prior to using CC, I used  and was able to do a quick copy and paste of the HTML code. It was simple. A HTML block (similar to the text block) would fix the issue for me.

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I can't believe they didn't censor out that company name of their competitor like they usually do.

Def agree with this suggestion--just have an html code block. That way Constant Contact can retain its "protection" of coding that works in mobile while allowing us to do things we need to do, like indent quotes, for instance, or add a caption under a photo.

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With the previous editor, pretty much everything was possible.  Now there are many missing features, like the ability to copy HTML for one thing.  That is huge as using the drag and drop format is often inefficient and a huge time suck.  


We can't make adjustments to the width of some of the blocks and so my logo really looks weird now because in the old version, I could adjust the type under the logo to fit in seamlessly.  Now there is a big space because I have to insert a separate block under the one with my logo JPEG  . . .


Also we can't make borders either.


All in all, this "update" is a huge downgrade as well as a frustration.

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Please make HTML available in the regular email builder~!

Please give me back the ability to look and alter HTML code

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This problem is one of the many reasons we have, over the past year, migrated away from Constant Contact. We had hopes that SharpSpring would overhaul the editor, but suspect that will take time. We are quite pleased with the email campaign editor integrated into , our digital marketing automation platform.

All other platforms allow for this basic function except for Constant Contact..


how am i to test your service if you wount even provide me with html code so i can add it to my site to see how it looks and functions????????     you want me to pay you money to test run your service and then what?  thats horrible 

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