Ability to edit embedded links after email has been sent

Hello.  I recently sent an email with the wrong embedded link in my newsletter.  I was told I could not make a change to the distributed newsletter/email; however I could send a new email to my subscribers with the new link. 


This solution does not work as the content was exactly the same, just the wrong url was hyperlinked to a word.  My hope was CC would allow me to edit the sent email to update the link without having to resend a newsletter. 


This functionality would be similar to updating a link on a web page but being allowed to keep the same title and same page. Since my email had 'Having trouble viewing this email? Click here' feature, people who receive the email would click the 'click here' and get the newly corrected link.

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We are updating the status of this idea to Gathering Information. While we recognize there are instances where a link would need to be updated after sending, there is a risk of this feature being abused by changing a link directing recipients to inappropriate pages or spam content. Once the email is sent, there isn't a way to make any edits to it, whether it's a link, content, or photos. Emails act like letters sent from a mailbox. Once it's gone, no changes can be made.


We don't have plans at this time to include this functionality but wanted to keep the post open to hopefully gather suggestions from the Community on how else links could be reviewed before being sent. Would there be some kind of built-in tool while creating the email? Or a screen that appears before sending to remind you to check your links? We're certainly open to ideas!


Any needed updates to an email would need to be done by copying the email, making the changes, and resending the email to your lists. We recommend changing the subject line to include "Edited" or "Correction" so recipients are aware that they are not receiving a duplicate email.


Hi @ElaineR661 at this time we are still in the process of collecting feedback on this request. There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. Though the more requests we receive in this thread the higher a priority this feature can be given. I did also want to make you aware we have read your feedback, as all feedback is read by Constant Contact employees. I apologize while we may not respond to every comment – it is acknowledged.


please make this a function


Badly needed



PLEASE add this!

Campaign Contributor

need this badly


Please add this feature!


Yes Please! Another vote to add this feature


Why can't Constant Contact Newsletters be edited the same way that a Smore Newsletter can be edited if its shared with a link?  

Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @VirtualS4 how would you expect a newsletter to be edited through a link? Are you looking for a shareable link that opens directly to draft campaign in your account?


Not edited through a link.  So if you were to post your Newsletter link on FB, then later need to make an edit, go back to Constant Contact to that Newlsetter and still be able to edit it.  Then when the link is clicked again, it has the new updated info... (Smore Newsletters work like this).  Once they are published you are still able to make live edits.  (I understand that emailing is kind of a different deal).

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