Ability to edit, remove toolbar in emails' webpages (social functions, legacy landing page form)

Hi Constant Contact, the new system now includes social share links mandatory at the top of individual email archive linked copy, unlike the previous system which did not. For our use, we need to NOT have social links on selected archived emails, so please remove these OR add option to remove them. Otherwise we cannot continue to use CC after several years & need to move to a different email marketing service ASAP. Thanks, Matt


Hi @AmandaS57


We apologize for any confusion caused from the update in status on this feature request thread. Acknowledged is an idea status we are starting to implement to indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

In fact we've compiled and discussed the feedback shared on this thread internally.  While there is no immediate developments pertaining to this request, we are continuing to share the feedback/use cases discussed here and will post any updates we may hear from our teams.



I spoke to someone via chat today about the same issue. For us we would like to have an option to turn it off since the newsletters are for members only.

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Is this seriously not fixed yet? Just want to remove that bar so I can share digital versions of campaigns.

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Is it that hard to remove? It seems like it could be a piece of code that could be toggled ON/OF from our side of things. This has been requested for years and I feel like it is something that would make a client leave for another platform. If we ever leave you will know why 😉

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Lol, I was shopping for other platforms when I realized that this may never get changed.


This has to be a request the CC team can handle on an individual account basis since there's still no ability to remove social share icons, right? I didn't have any luck with chat support. I was just told they understand the urgency of the situation and will let the concerns team know. 


Also would like the option to remove this feature. We do not want people to be able to select to be added to the email list. It is private.

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I have found it frustrating for a long time that in the email link to the web view of your campaign, there is no way to make an adjustment to what Constant Contact selects for the social post (in using the links at the very top of the web version of the email. Today (and I'm not sure when this started), we noticed that the "plus" symbol available for sharing on other networks is not working. It generates an error message like: An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.57aad617.1686610064.deafea In looking back at some previous emails, the same thing happened with all of them, though in the past those had worked. So I am thinking it is not a problem on the page itself, but with how Constant Contact is processing that link. is this a known problem that support is working on? I would really at minimum like the option of not including those social media links at the top since they either work poorly or not at all.
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But...I would also like to know if this problem is going to get fixed. Any of the CC folks in this chat know about this, or can you find out???

Agree! Please remove this bar from the top of our emails! It's confusing - and people may think they are signing up for our email list. 

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