Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

we have over 400 emails sent would be a big help if we could search for an older sent email. we used to have that capability.
Campaign Collaborator
Simple text search and advanced search (date, subject, body) is needed.
Brand Visionary

I have asked for a search feature every time I speak to a rep, live chat or go to the chat room.  I am SO frustrated that I have to scroll page by page to find a campaign that could be reused with a few minor  changes.  Ideally, please add a key word search that can search content of campaigns.  If you can't do that, PLEASE allow us to search campaign titles. I have sent nearly 1300 campaigns and I cannot stand searching manually any more. Constant Contact is a market leader in email marketing and has all the right relationships with ISPs. Love using CC and cannot believe your programmers are unable to fix this easily and quickly.

Constant Contact: In your next update what would really be great would be a search field to search for emails that we sent out previously or are in folders, etc... It is a painstaking process to find an email in our list of 3000+ emails. Please consider.
Would love a search function where we could filter campaigns based on certain terms.
Marketing Legend

amazing how, despite asking for it for a year, there is still no search function for previous emails. I just don't get it. Constant Contact is supposed to be a premier company, leader in this field....

Constant Contact Partner
It would be SO helpful to be able to search for a specific campaign by a keyword or phrase. We have hundreds of sent/published campaigns in our account and it's unnecessarily time consuming to have to scroll back to find one to use again. Thanks!
Hi, Could you please restore the option to search email campaigns by name/keyword? The update does not allow for this, and so I am having to click thru pages and pages of emails in search of a particular one.
Right now there is no way I have found to search for a title of a past campaign. My organization sends out between 3-5 emails a week, and our list of campaigns is very long. Sorting by title does very little good. Search box please! Thank you...
When I want to clone/duplicate an email, I should be able to search to find it. Having to sort and then view more campaigns is not helpful. The campaign I'm looking for is several months old and begins with N, so none of the sorting options can bring it to the top of the list. Really poor design.
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