Add to Calendar link does not include link to Online Event in Add to Calendar Location

Please give users the ability to customize the content in the "Add to Calendar" .ics file that registrants can download and add to their iCalendars. This functionality is important, especially now that many companies and organizations are hosting webinars/online meetings.


Currently, when registrants download the .ics file, the copy in the auto-generated invite contains the link to register for the event. Why include this link to register when they've already registered for the event? Instead, we should be able to copy and paste the link to the online event (usually a Zoom, Webex or online meeting link) as well as the login information (access codes, meeting numbers, etc.)


Yeah, I'm going to throw my chit in the jar as a vote for making this "add to calendar" link operate like "add to calendar" operates everywhere else on the known internet. I'm glad I discovered this thread before making my event live, otherwise I would have run into the same senseless issues that other people have discussed on here.

Also, I would say that while it's great you're looking to do a total redesign of the event feature of your platform, given how far we are into this pandemic it seems like an unwise decision on Constant Contact's part to delay this specific fix in favor of a larger systemic change. It seems like you could have done this little thing sooner, while pursuing the bigger thing later.


I would really like to see this feature available.  With all events being virtual, having the url of the event in the "add to calendar" feature is essential.  It creates a lot of confusion when registrants are sent back to the registration site instead of the event.  


Hello Constant Contact - as others have stated within this chain, the "Add to Calendar" feature is an essential part of any online registration. This can't be stressed enough that you need to fix this so people who are registering for events have the proper information when they use the add to calendar option. My firm hosted a webinar today and there was an issue with an attendee because of this nonfunctional feature. PLEASE ADDRESS EVERYONE'S CONCERNS IN THIS CHAIN AND FIX IT. 


Hello, I wanted to weigh in as this is a major issue for me. I agree this needs to be corrected. I do all the suggestions that Constant Contact has suggested but it stills requires the registrants to manually have to enter information into their calendar invitation because the Add to Calendar doesn't allow us to put the URL link to the event in it. We will always do some online events and this process needs to be made more efficient by allowing us to alter the link in the Add to Calendar. I know this has been a constant issue for us and Constant Contact needs to make this a top priority. It would increase my satisfaction on setting up events in CC greatly. Thanks


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Yes, I agree strongly with the original post and have been frustrated it each time I have managed an event over the course of the past year (2020) that the ability to add it directly to the calendar with log-in details is not provided.


I vote to add this functionality to the platform.

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I will echo the thoughts of EVERYONE on this string.  It is now February 2021, I just completed setting up a 2-day event and the calendar still does not allow for the meeting registrant to save ALL of the virtual meeting links and information to their email. You get the option of the registrant getting a link to your landing page or a link to the registration form.  They don't really need either at that point.   It is a bit embarrassing really to be sending out this event announcement without that feature.   Please HELP!


wow over 8 years and still no resolution...


We are having the same issue.  Attendees are complaining even though we send the links to our events in the confirmation emails.... 


Simply say you can't do it... Because clearly you can't. 

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Yes, this is extremely counterintuitive and causes quite a drop in attendance on the day of the event because many registrants cannot easily locate the webinar link. Please correct this ASAP or we will need to consider using a different vendor for our email marketing campaigns.

I thought I was missing an obvious fix somewhere to this problem that numerous people have pointed out...until I realized Constant Contact never addressed the problem...This thread should serve as a future business case study in how a simple problem doesn't get addressed.


Constant Contact- if you're not going to come up with a resolution to enable users to have the registration link included in the add my calendar, at least provide the option for me to remove this feature so I'm not frustrating my attendees by redirecting them back to the registration page.

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Guess I'll add my voice to the chain.  This is an incredible inconvenience and makes the registration aspect of Constant Contact virtually unusable.  Please let us know when this issue is resolved.

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