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Collect additional fields using business card scanner on mobile app

TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I need to check the community page more often, I would have liked this every day since posted ; )  It is a nightmare to add a contact, and it's slow in responsiveness as well. When "Contact" is in the name of the should be the number one thing you can do well.  Modifying columns nightmares?  Yeah, that's for another thread : )


Hi @MichelleB637


What about the upload process do you find difficult? What are the steps you're taking to add your contacts? Are you adding a single contact or uploading a list? 

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I mostly add one contact at a time from business cards here and there throughout each week. It's a tedious process. Add the email address first...spin, spin... then start adding in all the fields. We need business/work/company addresses in to maintain our different sales territories...tabbing through to get to "work" physical address (wish there was a default I could pick for fields to add, because we will never use home, and it's first in the scrolling down process). 

Uploading from a file is fine...


Hi @MichelleB637


Thanks for following up with these details! Does importing these business cards through our mobile app help fit your needs?

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I didn't know about scanning a business card through the app. I was excited to learn about that option...until I tried it with (4) different business cards, of different varieties and designs. Unfortunately, it only captures the email address. I still have to enter all the other contact details. How does that make this easier?

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @MichelleB637 


Thanks for following up with these details! Because your experience is different from the original thread you commented on, we have moved your post into a thread of its own. We have also opened your idea up so other users can weigh in as well on wanting to collect additional details when using the business card scanner.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Yes - I agree. If they have given us their business cards to opt-in to communications, I don't understand why the other info. is not imported. What's the point of the scanner when you still have to type in the other fields, such as job title and company, which is tedious and time-consuming.


I wish you could select which fields you want to import. Even if it pulled in everything and we deleted what we don't need would probably be faster. 

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