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After sending a campaign, I individually review bounced contacts to remove names that haven't engaged in our messages for months (as sometimes contacts labeled as "non-existent", "suspended" or "other" are actually opening and clicking on our campaigns). I used to right click on each contact to open in a new tab, then quickly review each tab for a few seconds to determine which contacts should be deleted. With this process, I could review 100 bounced contacts in a few minutes. The new format won't allow me to open a contact in a new tab, and reviewing each contact takes much longer (click each name to pop up box over the list, the 'Engagement' tab, wait 7 seconds for it to load, close out the window, move on to next name). Exporting the report doesn't provide engagement information, either. Could you add a way for me to open each contact in a separate browser tab, or for the option to view engagement info when downloading the report?

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Hi @NewEnglandAquarium. I'm sorry if our new bounce report isn't fitting your needs and I can certainly see how being able to download an engagement report would be useful to see what contacts are opening and clicking your emails. Would you be interested in having some kind of "Top Contacts" reporting or a report that can be exported listing your contacts overall open and click rate, for instance? 


When it comes to the loading of the contacts from the bounce report, I first want to make sure this isn't a connectivity issue as the data in the pop-up loads within a few seconds for me. Are you able to test this out in an private/incognito window or a different browser?

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Thanks for the feedback, @Caitlin_M. I tried loading the engagement pop-ups in Edge, and they loaded in 2-3 seconds compared to Chrome (7 seconds), so I will switch browsers to speed up the process.


I'm not sure if an option to export an engagement report would be very useful, as I would still need to cross-reference the list of bounced contacts within the browser window to select each one for deletion. I still prefer the ability to open a contacts details/engagement in a separate browser tab instead of a pop-up. However, I do like the newer feature to "Unsuspend" a "Suspended" account, as sometimes these individuals are still receiving and accessing content in the campaigns.

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Hi @NewEnglandAquarium. I can see how having the contact open in a different tab would work best for how you manage bounces. Although that option isn't available with the updated reporting feature, I can certainly send over your feedback to our Product team and open this up for voting. I'm also happy to hear that you like our new Unsuspend a Suspended contact feature and thank you for letting us know!

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Why can I no longer click on customers who have "clicked" on my email and find notes on them easily? I know need to cut and paste to find notes. I don't understand why this feature has changed it was one of the most useful features .
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At this time, we do not have plans to include this functionality when reviewing campaign reporting. You can create segments that find your most and least engaged contacts.

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