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I wish there was an option to put a border around an entire email to frame it. I want the inner background and outer background colors to be the same (in this case both white) but would like some separation between the two and being able to add a frame or border around the entire email would help break it up. I do not want to use a background pattern or background color other than white. This seems like a very basic design element to provide.

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Hi all. All templates include a border customization feature. Examples of changes that can be made are the color, size, and style of the border. Please see this article from our Knowledge Base that explains more about customizing the border in a campaign.

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Please open this idea back up or send it to your developers. The border around just the individual article does not suffice. I need a border around the entire email. Why was this not integrated into the new email editor? Honestly the legacy emails and editor were so much better. Please let us know when this idea is going to be implemented. 


Hi @roemerind


The good news is this feature request is still open and actively being tracked by our Product Team. There are many factors that are used to decide what is added to or updated in our product which can cause us to sometimes not have a timeline for when a feature will be available. We will however reach out to this thread when any updates have been made.


yes, like an Inner border around the inner background? I thought that used to be an option?

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Please add the ability to add a border around the entire email so one can create a campaign that has a white outer background and a white inner background, but with a border to separate the two. You should be able to set the color of this border and the thickness (width). I tried choosing a template that had a border (such as the "Education News") template, but once you do this there is no way to change the color or thickness (from the original orange color.) Please add this feature as people have been asking for it for years. Thank you.


I can't believe that there is not an option to add a border that goes around the entire email.  I am new to CC, having used a competitors software at a previous position.   Thought borders were a basic design.


I see that there is a grey border around our emails now and I would love to be able to change the color from grey to something that would fit the email in my colors. Please add this feature if you can! Thank you!


Adding a border around an entire email needs to be an option. I was able to create a border in the previous version of constant contact but for some reason that option was removed in this redesign. I need to change the color of a border for a vendor and can't do this for them. Please bring it back.


With this new upgrade you have taken the option to put a border that you can change color on every. single. template. Why? We like the border not the entire giant background. And we don't like the templates that look like they are hanging in space. Your areas around the feature articles don't even line up. It's like you randomly decided upgrades that didn't help anyone actually design or you don't have any graphic designers on staff.

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I'm ready to cancel Constant Contact on mere principle alone at this point. The blue boarder's default color is a blue that still cannot be changed, after myself and others raised this concern and asked for it to be fixed. In addition to being cheap (obviously enough money could fix this problem), irresponsible, and disrespectful to your customers for not fixing this issue, the macro concern is that you are putting designers (we're all designers when designing an email) on your platform in a box because we are beholden to that blue. That means that when designing, we have to find colors that are complementary to that blue. For instance, tonight I need red in my newsletter but only burnt oranges and dark pinks go with that blue. I need a red, which many other shades of blue would complement. This is abject failure on your part – fix this problem! If you had more designers on this platform, you'd have to declare bankruptcy over night. Do the right thing and change this please. Make that boarder customizable like any decent platform would.

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Or remove it, which is what I want to do. 😕

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