Easier way to delete large number of images in Library

When I have 400 files and I want to delete some of these, I appear to need to click through many many screens to get anywhere. This is just one problem in the user experience that desperately needs changing. A list of 100 would be more acceptable.

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Thumbing through the library is cumbersome! If you delete one it takes you back to the beginning then you have to flip through each page again to get to where you left off. Very time consuming!

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Please make it easy to delete old files or large, inactive files from the library.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @Assist-Deb, thanks so much for the feedback! It would definitely be good to have an easier way to view more files on a single page - that would make the bulk deleting process much easier.


I've set this open for others to vote on, thanks again for the great feedback!

I have almost 5000 items in my library put there over multiple years and I need be able to view them by date and be able to tag many of them for quick deletion. Viewing and deleting them a page at a time is hopeless....
Certainly there is an easier way to clean out old photos from one's library. Please advise. I have close to 5000 photos, and need to delete approximately 4,500 of them.

Hi @JanetH60 thank you for sharing this feedback with us. How are you looking to sort your photos? Having any details of how you would like to sort them is helpful information to submit to our Product Team. At this time images can be sorted in the Library of your account through folders as well as the date added column. Clicking on the Date Added header will allow your images to sort from oldest to newest or newest to oldest.



It would be very useful to be able to view Library photos in reverse date format.
Is there an easier way to delete multiple photos from the library? rather than to keep hitting "show more" and selecting each one then hit trash. We have amassed nearly 6,000 images and I need to do away with everything fro 2018 back. Please help. Clyde. cgillam@myrochome.com
Frustrating to only be able to see one page of my images at a time when I want to review and clean my library up! Each time I delete an image it goes back to the first page, with no other choice.
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