Edit Resend to Non Openers email before it sends

I'd like to see if you have content that goes out that is rescheduled to go out again for those that did not open the first time around, that you're able to make edits to the content.  I found an error in something that originally went out, however, I'm unable to make the edit and have the content go out only to those that did not open the first time around.  I'd have to do another blast.

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I needed this feature YET AGAIN and hopped online HOPING that it had been added and that there is now a way to do it. But nope. Still impossible. In 2023. Constant Contact is now pitching AI to us, that their software can create our content for us, but we still cannot change a typo on an email before it is resent to thousands of people. 2-0-2-3. Twenty-twenty-threeeeeeeeeeee.

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Here, here, to the last comment. 

Constant Contact keep offering us shiny toys, but surely this is an essential!  

How do I explain to someone that has called my attention to an error in dates that I send out the same error four days later? 

And if I send a correction with an automatic resend, that's when I get most UNSUBSCRIBES. Well, I would too if I got one mail about the same thing 4 times!!!


It's really unacceptable that Constant Contact doesn't allow corrections to emails before they're resent to non-openers!



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I was surprised to learn that CC didn't have this functionality when we first started using it (along with the ability to copy content blocks from one email to another). Disappointed it still hasn't been implemented despite a now three-year-old request. Baffled that CC doesn't seem to understand why this is so important—it's basic functionality. I understand the push to roll out new features, but if basic functionality isn't there, what good is it to build new tools on top of a weak foundation?

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Hear, hear! Except it's more like 5 years we've been asking for this!


Hello, I sent out two email campaigns, only to realize that I had included the wrong year (2022). I was concerned that it would go out again to folks who hadn;t opened it, but CC doesn't include a feature that allows you to go in and edit emails that have already gone out. I think you should fix this.


Sometimes I find errors in content or links (especially LINKS) after the initial email has been sent. I'd love to be able to correct those before the email goes out the second time to those who haven't opened it the first time.


OFten you think you have the links right, but then find they are NOT!!!!  So Frustrating!!!

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My vote is to make this possible - I hope the tech folks there are reading these comments. :smileyface: Thank you.

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I am in favor of adding this feature. However, personally I think it is best to send a correction as a new email, and clearly indicated as a correction. When an error important enough to need a correction is found, it seems to me as important, if not more so, for it to go out to the people who HAVE ALREADY opened the erroneous email as to send the correct mailing to those who never opened it.


Where I would see more the importance of being able to change the text of the re-send is in a case, for instance, where you are announcing an event that's coming up in a week. If you send it to non-openers 3 or 4 days later, you want to change it to say "there are 4 days left to [event]!"

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