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[Events 2.0] Export registrant data, Include Registration Fields in the Registrant Export

There should be a way to export the complete registration data from the Events platform.  The current method of copying the data from the screen and pasting into a spreadsheet is STUPID and far below what I have come to expect from Constant Contact.


When I create the event, all registration data should be stored in a contact list that captures ALL registration information from the registration page.

Top Answer

Exporting registrant info in full is available in Events 2.0.

Is there a report to see the information collected in the registration form
when i download the registration report of my event, I don't see all details. I asked 'do you stay for diner' for instance, and I don't see that on the report. how can I get the full detailed report of registrations ?

When viewing registrants in an event there should be a way to view & download all registrant "details" instead of having to individually click on the details link for each registrant.

Campaign Collaborator

PLEASE bring back the ability  to download the registrants  in a csv file!!!  Such an important thing to have when organizing events.


PLEASE  allow the ability transfer an abandoned registration  to the registered list like you had it before. Makes it so much easier to just go in and click to update. 




We have to collect license plate numbers for parking for an event campaign we are running with Events 2.0 and I am going to have to spend potentially hours pulling up individual tickets and copy-pasting the license plate numbers into a spreadsheet. From a functionality standpoint, Events 2.0 appears to be a massive step down from Legacy Events. Hoping there are plans to fix this very soon.


I am trying to use Events software (under Marketing Campaigns) for registering children for sports teams. I need information like gender, grade, jersey size and school.


The form provides for the capturing of custom data, and at first glance seemed to work well for my purposes. The payment process was also fine. I thought I was all set. 

Upon test, however, I learned that the custom data that is captured at registration (ticket purchase) cannot be exported into Excel or otherwise downloaded. But that’s the whole point! This software is useless if I can’t easily access and manipulate the data. Why even provide for capturing the data if it can’t be subsequently accessed??


Major flaw in this Events software. Don’t even bother trying until this issue is fixed. 

I second all of this. It is a MUST to be able to export ALL the registration data! I starting using new events because it looks nice but I didn't realize I'd be missing important info from my registrants! Please also add # registrations/total to the events list.

Why aren't the custom fields I added to an event showing up in the report?

Hi @PaulaE13. Work is being done to expand upon the event registration report to increase the number of fields that are included in the export. We've moved your post to a request thread and we'll provide updates or news of any movement with the request. 


However many fields that are included in the export should be equal to the number of fields provided to capture information upon “Ticket Purchase”. If I ask for gender, grade, school and jersey size, for example, I want all of them to be included in the data to be exported. Otherwise I won’t use the software, 

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