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[Events 2.0] Global Limit Of Registrants When Multiple Ticket Types Are Offered

Good afternoon We give in person courses. If I setup a ticket for the full price, and I create a ticket for an "early registration" fee, which gives them a discount for signing up early, each ticket has a max tickets sold amount. Is there a way to make a max tickets sold for the event? The old platform had a Max registrations for the event. The new platform does not seem to have it. If it does not have it, any suggestions on how to make a max attendance so the event does not allow any more registrations so we do not go over the amount we can allow to sign up? Also, by setting up two separate tickets, the new platform shows both tickets available on check out. The old system showed the discounted price only until the date expired and than it showed the full price. Having both available does not make sense and is confusing.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team, and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request, but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

Features from the Legacy platform did not carry over to the Events 2.0 platform i.e. attendee/ticket max with multiple price points
Campaign Contributor

Hey - anyone know how to set limits on an event that has multiple ticket options? I am needing to set an overall limit that not one specific to individual ticket options - thanks


Prior to Constant Contact's redesign of their event builder, you used to be able to set registration to close when the total number of registrations hit a certain number. This is no longer possible with the new event builder. Now you can only limit registrations per TYPE of ticket, instead of being able to limit the total number of registrations, regardless of ticket type.


This severely affects our ability to register people for our events. Please suggest that the developers add this feature back ASAP.

How do I limit the total number of tickets for an event? For example, we offer registration for members and nonmembers. We have room for 20 people total, but the number of members vs. nonmembers doesn't matter. How do I limit ticket sales to 20 people. This was possible under the legacy event system.
Status changed to: Planned

I am looking for this same functionality. The venues that I hold my events have overall capacity limits. Please advise  on this update.

The new ticket system appears to have eliminated THE feature we need to run events. We’re a museum. Let’s say we’re hosting an event with 40 max registrants. In the previous system, we could set any number of registration levels and not set a limit for each registration level. We could have a mix of 30 members and 10 nonmembers, or any other combination of levels. When the total number of registrations hit 40, the registration would be shut down. Now – I learned from talking with a customer service rep – we can’t do that. We have to set a total number for each registration level. We could set each registration level to the max, or set each level to unlimited, but then we have no control over when to shut off registration based on the total number of registrations sold. That doesn’t work for us. It used to work so well. I understand the interest in having a traditional ticket system for an auditorium or theater where there are only so many front row or balcony seats available. Why eliminate the flexibility to do anything other than that? It’s hard to believe we’re the only ones impacted by this. The customer service rep let me know that CC is getting a lot of calls from customers who want old features back, and that changes might be made. The question is when – and can we afford to wait an unknown amount of time to get back the feature we need. Or do we find another vendor and go through the hassle of migrating data somewhere else? Maybe this isn't the right place to ask, or maybe I'm just venting. I’d rather stay with CC, but this is a real problem that I’d like to talk about with someone who can give me an answer.
Brand Influencer
I'm so fed up with utter incompetence of Constant Contact management. For 7 years I've been setting up events but they just changed formats and the new format will not allow me to enter an event name, will not accept any contact phone number, has no visible place to enter a maximum number of attendees, and their help center is only open Mon -Fro and during biz hours. What about the millions of us who want to send out newsletters and events on weekends?
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I rather desperately need a global ticket limit.  I can scrape by for a month, but have an event coming up that simply can't be managed properly without it.


I hope CC will either prioritize this or allow us to continue using Legacy Events until they iron out the problems in 2.0.  I just can't understand why the useful parts of Legacy were removed.

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