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Please, please, fix the editor so that when text is pasted in from another program, it appears with the DESTINATION formatting (the existing formatting of the campaign). I waste so much time reformatting text to match what's already there, every time I bring in new content. (I saw the help doc about pasting text into a text editor first to strip complex formatting; this doesn't help. It still gets pasted in a color, font, size, etc. that's different from what's already there.)


This would make Constant Contact so much easier to use. Thanks.

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Some good points & info already shared in this thread. As other's have mentioned, this idea has been open for several years and we've gone through a few editor updates/versions in that time. I just wanted to post a comment that summarizes some of the issue right now:


Standard Ctrl + V copy/paste will paste the content with the formatting from the original source.


If you paste with Ctrl + Shift + V (Option + Cmd + Shift + V in Mac) the content will be pasted without formatting. When this happens the destination formatting applied should be whatever defaults are set on the Design tab in the editor. 


The template defaults can be overridden at the block level. I imagine knowing to use Ctrl + Shift + V will solve the issue for some. For others, I'm guessing "destination formatting" is considered the formatting at the block level and not the template default, which also makes sense. Feel free to clarify to make sure we're capturing the feedback more accurately. The ability to paste without formatting was feedback that was considered and planned for with this current editor, but it seems like the thought was to apply the global styles.


On a Mac, simply hold Command-Option-Shift-V


The PC equivalent (CTRL+Shift+V) doesn't work

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JulieL34 explained it perfectly! What I'd like to know is why there is still no answer to this, and it's now almost December!


AGREED!!! When are you going to fix this failing?!?

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I'm seeing this fix has been an ongoing request since at least 2017. It still has not been addressed and would improve workflow and efficiency for all.

Copy Paste text should have an option for "destination" or surrounding text formatting to be applied


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Great idea, @KathyP8. I don't know how hard it is to program this but it's obviously been done before by other programmers.

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When I copy text from another document and paste into a campaign template the format of the template changes. Specifically, the font, font size and color of the font changes.


I have copied text into text file, notepad and pasted and pasted special to match style and the format changes.


The old editor kept the format of the text copied into a campaign. the new editor doesn't.


very disappointing this significant error got past quality control.

I use a Mac, and the Brave and Safari browsers.



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Hi @JamesM0534  are you looking for your copied text to copy over into the style of the text in your template or remain in its original style?


I am looking for my copied text to copy over into the style of the text in my template! It always reverts the main body font of my template -- which is not what I want.


Have there been any updates to this in the last year? 😅

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