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The following posting was dated April 13th, 2021 and as of today, there has been no response or resolution to these issues with the new survey system... As we approach the discontinuation of the legacy survey functions, our disappointment grows.


As much as we like the new survey system and its modern look, there are significant differences from the legacy system that have a negative effect on our use of surveys. 


  1. Legacy surveys provided for chained operations; once a survey has been submitted, the respondent is redirected to another site, in our case, a donation/pay page (WePay.) Since this is a primary use of surveys for us, this loss of function is unacceptable and either should be addressed directly or an alternate method should be implemented.
  2. Legacy surveys provided for scoring/ranking questions with a comment field. This facility is no longer possible in the new survey system. Although checkboxes could be used as a workaround, the resulting data (data file) is less than functional for these responses as compared with the legacy results.
  3.  Legacy surveys provided two essential processes that are no longer as functional in the new survey system:
    1.  Individual responses could be downloaded (print version) as a single PDF. The new survey system, to achieve a similar report, requires a cut and paste operation from the individual response screen.
    2. The second issue is the resulting data file when downloading a complete response data file. The old system generated a single .cvs file that was easily analyzed. The new file format is, to say the least, ineffective for analysis purposes without considerable manipulation.

It would be best for us for you to allow for the continued current status for legacy surveys (copy/edit) until the issues described about are resolved or workarounds or new processes are developed.


Looking forward to your response and plans for resolutions.


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Hi @DeaconE 


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! The good news is many of the features you have mentioned are ideas we are currently collecting requests on. In fact we recommend voicing your request on the feedback threads having the ability to download responses by respondent, and downloading your responses in a format that is easily readable. The more requests a idea thread receives, the higher of a priority is can be given by our Product Team. As for being able to include a comment field in your survey - are you looking to include an "Other" with a comment option for multiple choice questions or add a comment box to all questions?


With that said, being able to include a redirect link into your survey is a great feature request we have tracked in our system. In the meantime we have opened up your post so other users can weigh in on this idea as well.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We did not receive a response regarding on how you would expect commenting would appear on the Survey Page so we are updating this idea to focus on including a redirect link when a survey is completed. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this feature request but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.


@DeaconE If you have any follow-up information regarding the commenting feature or additional insight, please reply and we will move the request to a new thread to keep this conversation focused on the feature request above.




Since this issue is now almost a year old, I am seriously disappointed that this feature has not been implemented.


To not be able to redirect a respondent after completing a survey to another site has forced our organization to abandon all of our surveys that, in the past, were not only usable but highly effective, especially in the use of the feature of directing the respondent to another site once they have completed the survey.


Now, after almost a year, I don't have much faith that suddenly your design team is going to "focus on including a redirect link" 




The legacy surveys allowed you to attach a certificate at the end. Last year, we expressed our disappointment that this was no longer available. Has there been any updates to include this feature?
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Hi @GeorgiaB123. When attaching a certificate, how would you expect this to show when the survey is completed? Would the survey taker be taken to a webpage that has the certificate or click a button to download a document?


Response from @GeorgiaB123 

"Click a button to download or receive an email with attached certificate after survey completion. Can you do that now?"




Thank you for that information. At this time, the thank you page for a Survey Page cannot include a button or a redirect to a webpage. We've merged your post into a larger thread regarding feedback on the thank you page. We'll update the thread if we hear of any changes being made.

Brand Visionary

We, like the original poster, used the function to redirect the user to a particular page upon completion of a survey.  We view that function as a necessity.  How long will it be until we get that function back?  How can we get more information about progress in re-implementing that?

Campaign Collaborator

I also want to express support for this feature:

The survey respondent hits the "Submit" button.

   I want to thank them and then send them to my donations landing page, which is also hosted on Constant Contact.

This is a "must have" for me.


I started this thread on April 13th, 2021!


It seems quite evident that this function will never be implemented.


We stopped using Constant Contact surveys entirely.


Still disappointed after more than two years!


Has there been any update to this? We need to be able to re-direct donors to our website after hitting submit, and having an email workflow option would be nice, too. Click submit - directs you to website page, and you (the donor) receives an email thank you message. I've been having to use a separate vendor for this feature. 

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