Include skip logic in new survey pages, Set questions to only show based on previous answers

Need the ability in the new Survey page feature to add skip logic functionality to questions. This is currently available in the legacy survey tool. The legacy survey tool should continue to be available for use until current functionality is available in the new survey tool.

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Our Product teams are in the works to review requested features for our Survey Pages tool, including the ability to include skip logic. This is a highly requested ask since it was available in our Legacy Survey tool. If we hear any updates or are able to share information surrounding release dates, we will update this post.


The change in the survey tool makes Constant Contact a waste for us now. We need skip logic for every survey we do. Why would we pay extra for something that is basically useless now. We have so many other issues with Constant Contact that this may be the final straw. We will be looking for alternative mail programs that also provide the various features we need. Very disappointing.


Another voice of discontent about the loss of skip logic.  And, to remove the legacy function without replacing it is a total outrage.  


I am perplexed to understand how a new survey tool doesn't have skip logic, which is essential to survey creation. I am doing my first event survey since 2019 due to not having this event until now. Since Constant Contact does not have skip logic, I will have to create my survey through Qualtrics, since it has the function I need. It makes it difficult when I have to use a different program to create a survey and then attach it to my Constant Contact follow-up email. It just isn't logical. I would recommend that Constant Contact spend some time listening to its users because this isn't the only issue with its product. There are so many options now that it becomes difficult to justify paying for a service that continues to have issues and removes essential features from its product. I have a lot of projects and very little time so having to use two different services to send an email event survey is not an ideal situation for me.


Agreed this is necessary! This is so basic, I am extremely disappointed in the new survey format! 


We need the ability to use skip logic and need the responder contact information question added back asap. 


I have a large number of surveys to create within the next few months and will have to use a different provider if Constant Contact does not bring back these features!!!

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Skip Logic is ESSENTIAL. Without it, this so-called survey tool is useless for anything other than the most simple/basic of questionnaires.


Marketers need to be able to ask targeted questions to different subsets of their users. To do this, we ask clarifying-questions, then channel different people down different paths within the survey, based on their responses. It does nothing but make us look foolish to our users if we ask a question like, "How much did you enjoy these new features?" if the response to the previous question was, "I wasn't aware you'd released new features."


This is so basic, it's unbelievable that Constant Contact would actually remove it from their "upgraded" survey tool.


We need skip logic. With out skip logic, the survey feature is really not useful to our company and we will more than like change our monthly plan. 


What happened to skip logic?




We apologize skip logic has not yet been carried over to our updated survey campaigns. It is however a feature request we are collecting feedback on. In fact we have moved your post into a larger thread focused on this idea.


What happened to skip logic?  Really need this feature added back...for now will have to sign up for

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