Include the unsubscribe reason on Subscriber Activity Report

It would be very helpful if when I look at the unsubscribed report that it lists their reason for opting out. And/or if the emails we get from Constant Contact regarding unsubscribes list their reason for opting out.


Hi @Mel2000


Where in your account are you looking for the option to see the reason contacts unsubscribed? Currently this information can be seen in the unsubscribe reporting of a sent campaign. Does this help fit your needs?

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That is where I go to find out their reason... I have to open up sent campaigns and look for that particular person. Sometimes I can't find them at all. I think it should be in their information. I don't like having to dig through sent campaigns to find the reason. What would be best is if when I get the emails that someone has opted out that it lists their reason (if one was given) in that email notification I get from Constant Contact.

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In Contacts, I have the option to see everyone who unsubscribes. It would be helpful to have their "reason" for unsubscribing embedded in their Contact Details. In other words, when they unsubscribe, if they give a reason for doing so, that information can be transferred into the contact details. Then maybe there could be a way for us to do a find or sort for that information for all unsubscribes.

The purpose for having this information is to help us understand better why people unsubscribe and what we might be able to do for them. I have thousands of unsubscribes and it's too time consuming to look at each contact detail. A spreadsheet of the information that I can export would give me an overview.

I want to run a report of Unsubscribe reason codes. I know we ask the question in the form, I see it in every email where folks unsub. I just can't run a report to see them all in one place.
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Is there any way to generate an unsubscribe report over time that would list the reason someone unsubscribed (if provided) rather than looking at it email by email? Most of our reasons are “content is no longer relevant” which makes sense when our client is no longer taking dog training classes. However, I would like to catch reasons such as “my dog died” so that I can followup as appropriate.
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Is there a way to export a list of unsubscribed users with the reason they unsubscribed over a period of time? Or must we look at those statistics email by email under Reporting? We are a dog training facility and dog supply retail store. As such, the majority of our unsubscribe reasons are "content is no longer relevant" as they are no longer taking training classes. However, we get the occasional "my dog died". I would like to quickly review unsubscribes in a "bulk" manner so that I can address those random reasons.
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