Make it harder for customers to accidentally unsubscribe!

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We have customers unsubscribing from our emails without meaning to so often it's ridiculous. Almost every email we send out, we get unsubscribes, and then later our members will be irritated that they've stopped receiving our updates and they will swear up one side and down the other that they never unsubscribed. Many of our members are of an advanced age and the resubscribe process is onerous to them. They don't understand why they have to "go through all these steps" to be re-added to a list they never meant to unsubscribe from in the first place. I understand the necessity of allowing people to unsubscribe, but clearly it is far too easy to do if so many people are doing it unintentionally. 

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The unsubscribe process (such as via the required link we include in all email footers) is already set to have the person unsubscribing at least confirm their address. Additionally, some email programs also already require an unsubscribe button be coded to appear when the email is opened in their systems, so the option is explicit and obvious for their users. For more info on unsubscribing, please see this article

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