More editing options for sign up forms

This form is not allowing us to customize the fields according to our needs. We want to add a field for people under certain age, a simple check box that's linked to one of our mailing lists, and we don't have that option right now.

Campaign Contributor

Please make the contact fields on the lead generation landing page customizable. I work for a a non-profit and I need it to say "Church" instead of "Company." I won't be able to use Constant Contact for my lead gen campaign with these limited form options.


I would like to have a custom field like "Ask Us A Question" but it's not possible for now?!

Same to have a Shoppable landing page with a email field...

It's kind of frustrating and the basic landing pages have all the field but have no design option...

Campaign Contributor

As a new user of Constant Contact, I find the sign-up forms disappointing in that they are so limited.  As many users have requested over the last 5 years or more, we need the following capabilities:

  • Reordering fields
  • Dropdowns
  • Checkboxes
  • Dependent dropdowns
  • Basic editing or additional field types (numeric, phone number, numbers in a range, etc)
  • Help text so users know what to type (especially if there are no dropdowns or basic editing capabilities)

Hi @Brian.L thank you for sharing this feedback with us! The good news is this feature request thread is focused on having the ability to include more question types as you mentioned. So we have tracked these examples of fields you're looking for. The ability to reorder fields and include dropdown questions are both requests that have their own thread. So we do recommend sharing your need for these features on those threads. The more requests a specific thread receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team. As for check boxes, what are some cases where you would want a check box on your sign-up form? 


Hello! New User here,


I am disappointed with the design features for the forms. As I see, since 2015, users have been asking for basic features to create more customizable forms. Your competitors provide those features. One simple feature is alignment. We should be able to align the text. Unfortunately, because my site is design-focused and I have designers using it, it would look bad for me not to have well-designed elements on my site. 

Status changed to: Gathering Information

Hello! We would like people to be able to check off choices. Thank you!

Marketing Legend

Yes, it would be nice if we could create different types of forms too... especially for creating membership applications, event sign-ups, collecting information, etc. Things like the ability to upload files, select options from a dropdown/checkbox/radio buttons, etc. 

Campaign Contributor

Totally agree with the lack of ability to design a creative pop-up.  I'm a long time user of Constant Contact and am in the art business, and I find it extremely frustrating that a company that specializes in marketing, and has now allowed the use of Canva to help with design, can't come up with a better way to design a pop-up.  It could be a deal-breaker in the near future, as I have submitted this request too many times to count.

Adding tags to a sign up form, both by default and through user selection, is an expected feature that it available through all major competing platforms. Using multiple lists is an antiquated method of segmentation. Every high-performing email marketing consultant trains their clients to use one list with tags. It's a much more powerful approach, but in order to make use of it, those tags have to be available in the sign up forms.

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