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It would be extremely helpful in the future when Constant Contact is updating the design system or overall site, that Account Owners/Managers would receive an email giving notice of such update; currently it seems that whenever a new version is released, we only see it when we log in and things have changed.  A little notice and summary of the changes in advance would be very helpful.  Thank you.

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After spending at least 30 minutes with your customer service guy today trying to fix a problem, he casually mentioned that the email I was trying to finalize had been composed in an old template (who knew?), and that there were software updates which would have made it easier to create the email. He said that CC sends out emails informing your customers of these updates. Guess what? I don't get those emails. I get plenty of emails from you encouraging me to spend more money on various glamorous new features you can provide that I don't need. But I don't think I have ever gotten an email saying "Oh btw, don't use the old templates, click on this instead of that." or "There's been an update in our software, here are the things you need to know about: ..." Please put me on the list of customers who get these emails. Frankly, I don't believe they exist, you seem to want us to intuit these changes out of the ether somehow. But if you really do send software update emails, please send them to me.

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Hey @KathrynKing, thanks for the feedback! We do try to keep our users up to date with the big changes that we release and a good way to check on those updates is within the Notification Center, which is housed at the top right of the page when you are logged into your Constant Contact account. 





I've also opened this feedback up for voting as I understand a newsletter would also be a great way to let our customers know of updates we've recently made. 




Hi @SlarcAdmin


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize for any confusion caused from updates made in our system. How would you expect to be notified of these updates?

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Reply from @SlarcAdmin 

Thank you for responding!

An email or system-wide announcement box at the top when you log in (like you do when there are technical issues or account review requests). Then a link that shows what updates are coming, what to expect, what features will be lost, what features will be gained, etc.


Hi @SlarcAdmin


Thanks for following up with these details! We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea but should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and are continuing to collect both requests along with use case examples of how users would want to be notified.

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