No Quicksend in Beta

QuickSend is one of the most useful features you have, and you take it away? Not a good idea. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @PeacefulL. I see that you're part of our contact beta testing. Quicksend isn't available through the Contacts view. As a workaround, you can create a new email list with the desired contacts, copy the campaign and schedule it to the new email list or use the Reporting Page to Quicksend (see photo below)




I'll open this idea up for voting for those who are also part of the beta test. 


Hi Caitlin -


That's exactly what my support rep recommended. The strength of QuickSend is just that - it's quick. Your workaround is so complicated that I ended up just forwarding my copy of the communication to the recipient that asked for it. This obviously is not a good solution for several reasons. 


Is this new development just being tested, or is it a done deal? 

Can I NOT be a beta tester?

You mentioned this: "or use the Reporting Page to Quicksend". Will this still entail creating a contact list that contains the single target?




Hi @PeacefulL. Thank you for the feedback. I have requested to remove you from our Contact Beta testing. The Beta is still in progress and because of the feedback and requests that we get from those customers that are part of the testing, our teams are constantly making updates and improving the layout and navigation within Contacts. 


In regards to your question about sending an email to a contact, yes, the contact would need to be in a list so they can show in the reporting. 


I'd like to be removed from Beta testing as well. I am not afraid of change but I find the new contacts laborious and the workaround for Quicksend time-consuming.


Hi @HCMktng. I have requested to remove you from our Contacts Beta testing. The Beta is still in progress and because of the feedback and requests that we get from those customers that are part of the testing, our teams are constantly making updates to it and reviewing requests such as the need for Quicksend. 

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Just tried to add an important new contact to one of my lists and needed to send some important previous items we've sent out.  Upon adding their name and info, I looked in VAIN for "Quick Send" and it was nowhere to be found. I called CC twice, the first time, after a long bunch of dallying around, listening to her complain of her slow computer, I hung up and called a new tech. She says "Oh, you're using the new version. We no longer have "Quick Send" as one of our features, our Team is looking into that."  SAY WHAT?  YOU ELIMINATE AN IMPORTANT FEATURE LIKE THIS WITHOUT A. INFORMING US AHEAD OF TIME and, B. CLEARY DIDN'T THINK IT WAS IMPORTANT THAT WE BE ABLE TO SEND PREVIOUS MESSAGES TO OUR NEW SUBSCRIBERS?  CC, what in the heck are you thinking?  If I knew of another service, I'd quit here and move immediately.  This isn't "service" it's NO SERVICE.

Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

QuickSend has been available in the updated contacts view for awhile now. Thanks for the feedback, we will close this one out!

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