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My weekly magazine that has a Current Database of 8150; and has an amazing OPEN rate; especially with this CRISIS.. As many of CC people know that every issue ; I have a few Lines thanking CC; and am so appreciative of CC and the Excellent Support and Product I receive. I need to somehow ad another few GB to my Library DUE THE FACT that I can't delete Images; since Past Issues of the Magazine is looked at . I believe I already spend $130 a month ; and am so appreciative once again..I will SPEND what ever it takes to insure that when I run out of Avail. (I'm only at 80% Used) that I can get additional GBs...If you notice I do downsize my Images before using ; so in fact I can get Thousands more Jpegs in without sacrificing Used Space... Here is the link to the May 4th. Issue.. I need to once agqain state

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I sent part 1 out before Finished, so if you open this before Part 1 ; please look at that first...My magazine during the CRISIS is one of the Most Important ; (If not MOST) vehicles for Key West Crisis Info.. ALL the City and County, Organizations inc. Mayor's Office, KWPD, Monroe County Sheriff , The Local Health Organizations, & more (Inc. the 8150 Active Database) are depending on Our (CC and I) continued weekly publications. This has nothing to do with the additional GBs I will eventually lead but Important that you understand the Importance of my account....Here is the Link to the May 4th Issue ; although I'm sure you can simply look at my Campaigns..My phone number is 954-448-4324 and EK10@AOL.COM Thanks again for the amazing and Excellent Customer support and product I get from CC..Ed Krane The Keys Blast from Ed Krane & Friends
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Hi @EdK76 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We can understand how helpful it would be to have more image space in your library and have opened up this feature request so other users can weigh in as well.


Has there been a recent change in library size available? We spend well over $200 a month for dramatically less functionality than we enjoyed with our legacy templates, etc... I have an important email to go out today, I have spent all morning deleting files from our library, thinking, "sure, we've had this account since 2009, we don't need all this old junk"... only to find that even with our logo and a photo of our owner we're at more than 100% of our library (we weren't last week). I do not understand. This is unacceptable. I guess I'm spending the afternoon shopping alternatives.


Hi @Stampendous I apologize for any confusion there may have been with your library size. We did receive reports from users on Friday, July 24th receiving error messages of their library size being full. This experience has since been resolved. If this s still occurring or if you have any additional questions on this, please don’t hesitate to respond to this post as we would be happy to assist you further.

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We are a news publication and use a lot of photos.  Our account is at its limit and there is not way to buy storage or more space.  Ridiculous.  We've had to open another account in order to maintain our account -- CC is so, so slow, apparently because we have used nearly all our memory.  


We get 1 gig of space with the regular account. In this day and age, when storage is so cheap, we should have a LOT more storage than 1 gig.


That said, to get more storage (rather than go through and download one image at a time--where is bulk download?-- and then delete files--time consuming especially since Library images don't sort!?!) you have to go to Plus--which is $30 per month!!


I get 100 gigs of storage from Google for $1.99 per month.


So--PLEASE-- add storage to the main account and/or give us an option to add storage at a *reasonable* price.


One of the main complaints I see regularly is the inability to bulk download images. But the only reason we have to is that the amount of space offered is pitifully inadequate (1 GB)--and the only way to increase the storage is by upgrading at a ridiculously high cost.


Adding storage should be incredibly easy and incredibly cheap.


C'mon Constant Contact--do the right thing and increase the storage.

I need more storage and would recommend that customers could buy more storage! That would be awesome :smileyface:
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