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Please place a pop up on screen when you get timed out

I can't tell you how many times I have left the Constant Contact window to go do something else and then came back after I had been timed out.  But the screen looks exactly the same as when I left, so I think I made it in time and I procede to keep working.  Only certain things prompt the Uh_oh pop up, so sometimes I go on and on with editing my email and making changes only to find out eventually that none of it took and I have to re-log in and re-do all those changes.  Could there be a pop up that comes on as soon as you are timed out so I don't have to go through this?  Thanks so much!

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Hi @TheSchoolofRoyalYoga thanks for sharing this feedback with us! How long do you leave your account idle for before having this experience? Also, does the current  "Are you still working" message that pops up when idle help fit your needs?

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Also, sometimes you get a popup that says "you may have been logged out" - doesn't say that you WERE logged out. Does the system not know whether you were or not?

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The account time out behavior has changed a few times in the last few years, so I decided to test this again to make sure the current behavior is working as expected. It may have changed since this was originally suggested.


After 45 minutes of inactivity you should get the following message:

timed out.png


If you were working within an email all of your changes should be autosaved before this pops up. As Julie was perceptive to point out, the message isn't precise and says you may have been logged out. It's true the system doesn't exactly know when this comes up. This was due to some issues we saw with the checks that sessions were active. If you see this message it would be a good idea to click the "Yep I'm still working!" button and then refresh the page.


In the cross-platform editor if you don't refresh the page and continue typing after dismissing the first pop-up, you should get the following message once the system confirms the session is no longer active:

2022-05-12 08_29_57-Constant Contact.png  


Hopefully that means that everything is working as intended now. If you notice anything different or have any more comments feel free to leave them here, we are open to your feedback! 


Thank you for suggesting this.

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The problem with this is that it is essentially no change in the language of the 3G editor popup.


It should say something more like

While you were gone, we most likely ended your session for security reasons. If you are not done, click the button below, then save and refresh before making further changes.


[This is not ideal...people who haven't experienced it before probably won't realize the distinction that's being made. But at least it's an alarm bell. Better to fix the system. But if people click the button that says "i want to keep working" and then are able to type, they are going to think they are fine, until they finish and are unable to save.

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