Resend survey page to non-respondents

It would be helpful to have the option to email non-responders only rather than having to send the survey reminder out to the entire segment again.


Consider placing a resend option link to the actual resend options within the survey campaigns. Similar to the other campaigns. Currently you can see the results, etc., but no resend options in the drop down menu. I had to call for assistance to find the option.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @DebraI972


Thanks for the great feedback. I agree that it can be more difficult then it should be to find the resend options on a Survey Invitation. I'm going to open this ticket up for voting so we can continue collecting similar feedback from our customers.



Rob L.

Campaign Collaborator

I have found in the new survey tool does not allow to re-send to non-openers and then to re-send to new individuals added to the list. Perhaps I am going about this function incorrectly, but the Legacy Survey allowed you to do both and it didn't matter the order. In this new function once I re-send to new people added to the list, I am unable to re-send to non-openers.

Campaign Contributor

It would also be nice to resend to people that have started, but not completed and submitted the survey. I have 147 starts and only 48 submissions, but there is no way to tell who started it, so I can easily email them a reminder.

Campaign Contributor

We used to love Constant Contact (for the most part). Now, we are looking elsewhere and will not be recommending it to others.


I work for an AMC with a smaller association client and having email campaign and survey options in one place was a great benefit. We just renewed for another year in August and feel like we wasted our money. Other clients are also having issues and we as a company are looking for other options that will better serve our clients.


The new survey tool is just awful. We utilized the skip logic feature for almost all of our surveys in the past. Now it isn't even an option.


Other key features that are now missing:


1. The types of questions that we can now create is very limited compared to the legacy survey builder.

2. The ability to resend the survey to people that haven't taken it in a seamless one.  Updating the list the survey goes out to in a second round is now a completely manual process.

3. The export of the data is terrible. The old exports were great. Now I am having to spend hours of time converting the data into a usable format before I can spend my normal amount of time analyzing the data. 


Our AMS has a survey function that is now the same quality (or better than Constant Contact) and now has an email campaign functions that improves regularly.


We are considering our options. Constant Contact is too expensive to now provide little value to us now that the survey tool is gone.





I agree with both comments above. Resend is not an option in the new survey tool. Not crazy about the new survey feature.


Hi! Just would like to confirm if I understand the above comments. I have sent out a survey. After a few days, I would want to be able to easily resend to those who have not submitted their surveys to me e.g. by clicking on a "Resend" button and selecting the option "Resend only to those who have not submitted". I may be wrong but in the past I thought I could do that but now I can't.


Would really appreciate it if anyone can help me on this. Note that being able to resend to those who have not submitted their survey form to me may be more useful (for me) than resending to those who have yet to open the survey email (non-openers). Of course being able to have both options is even better. 


Thank you.


Constant Contact Partner

We agree with everyone on this issue. It's inconvenient and doesn't make sense to not be able to resend to non-openers. Survey Monkey always got this one right. Come on CC, we know you can do better.

We really need to bring back the feature that allowed us to resend a survey invitation only to those on our email list who haven't yet responded to the survey. This was a feature in the past that was extremely useful, but it appears it has been removed from the new version of surveys.
Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on this suggestion but should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback regarding our Survey Pages and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

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