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Selecting :05 when scheduling email

I cannot select 12:05 as the time to send out the email because when I select :05 is reverts to :00. Please fix this.

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Hi @ThomB what time were you scheduling this campaign for ?

Campaign Contributor
This issue persists. When I select the time for the email to go out, if for example 12:05 is selected when the drop down menu for the minutes, the time shown still looks like 12:00. Meaning although the email does go out at 12:05 the selected time of 12:05 doesn't show up but rather it shows as 12:00. Try it. Specifically it happens when you only select the :05 mark. It reverts back to 12:00 once I click out of the drop down menu.
For some reason, when I try to choose to send a campaign at 5 minutes after the hour (in the drop down menu: 05, 10, 15, etc), the 5 minute option does not work.
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Hi @WWandS what exactly are you seeing happen when selecting a 5 minute increment? For instance are you unable to select the option, or does the campaign time revert to :00 after selecting your time?

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It looks like there was a bug that was caused the time not to when selecting the :05 minute mark. This has been fixed, thanks for reporting!

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