Squarespace Integration

Squarespace is a significant player in the web development software world. Please work it out with them such that Constant Contact integrates seamlessly with them. It's clunky now and requires users to leave my website -- not helpful! Thanks for listening.


Inline form are ugly and unable to be branded with my fonts and colors. Need WAY more options, the ability to edit the CSS or a pure true integration, like has, for this to be worthwhile.

Status changed to: Voting Open

After 6 hours in chat support between Squarespace, Zapier and Constant Contact, nothing is working properly. This is not a useful and easy to use newsletter sign up application.
I think we will return to .





Don't tell me this is true! I can't use CC for my new and revised website on SquareSpace?? What is anyone else doing? 

This inline form does not fit the branding of my squarespace website. I wish I could integrate instead of using a third-party to store the sign ups and download to Constant Contact.
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Hi @SarahG973 how does the inline forms we provide not fit the branding of your website? What changes would you be looking to make on these forms to integrate easier?


Also struggling with this right now. Seems like a no-brainer. Tried to set up Zapier and failed. I hope I don't have to hire a developer to do it, as it isn't supposed to require a developer... We pay so much for a CC account and we can't use one of the leading website builders? Also struggling with the fact that I can't embed an audio file in my newsletter. Many lesser CRMs offer this simple option for much lower costs. 


I agree that my Squarespace websites should easily be able to integrate with my Constant Contact account. I have been a loyal Constant Contact subscriber for over a decade and have tried others. There are a few that cost less, but I have never been as happy as with C.C. However, when we changed our websites to Squarespace, it was not easy to have contacts loaded into our C.C. database. I don't know the particulars, but I did have to pay someone to do this work for me. As a struggling small business choosing to use the most expensive email marketing provider in a dedicated way, I would hope that they would consider it important to connect with the top website providers to make their customers lives easier. Isn't that why we use such a service?

Status changed to: Under Consideration
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