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The new Survey format is lacking........ This is the first time I am using it to create a survey since the changes. It is not as flexible as it needs to be. I cannot add 'N/A' as a part of the answers. Leaving the question "Not required" to answer is not an option.


I also do not see where I can test it before going live. I do not like the lack of flexibility to create a survey......... If these things are not fixed I will have to go elsewhere. Not happy.


Thank you!


Hi @BarbaraM321


What type of survey question are you looking for the option to include non-applicable as a response?


On the other hand, while there isn't a test button while creating or editing a survey landing page like there is for email campaigns, there is a way to share the page while it's in a draft. While under the Campaigns view, you will click the thumbnail for your survey. This will open the survey page in a new window with a preview link that you can use to distribute to others in a personal email or message outside of Constant Contact. Keep in mind that test responses will not be recorded. There is also an feature request focused on this idea, we recommend sharing any feedback you may have on testing a draft survey directly on that thread.

Status changed to: Gathering Information
Marketing Expert

Also, bring back skip logic. I used that A LOT on the old, better survey format. 


Hi @SAScc


The good news is having the ability to include skip logic in a survey campaign does have a feature request thread of its own. In fact we recommend sharing your need for this feature directly on its thread.

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Information

Since we did not hear back from the original poster regarding the question type that could include a N/A option, we will be closing this idea. If you wish to follow up, please comment on the post with the information requested and we can reopen the conversation.

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