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Turn off pop up notifications in account

...and when I click on the "x" in its upper right-hand corner, it opens a new tab in my Firefox browser. The tab contains nothing. I pay good money for your product and hate seeing Facebook product ads or any other "advice" ads while using it. Please get rid of this useless, annoying feature or tell people how to turn it off. Thank you.

Status changed to: Voting Open

 Hey @SANDAPT-JM, thank you very much for your feedback on this. We created these popups to try and show users new ideas on how they might be able to help further their online marketing presence. I completely understand the frustration it can cause though and have opened this feedback up for voting. 

How do I stop the pop ups from appearing on my Constant Contact dashboard. It's detrimental to my work efficiency to have to click them closed all the time.
Campaign Contributor
Could you please dispense with your popup ads ie new templates? It's annoying. It's bothersome. I'm already a subscriber and do not need constant reminder to add a 'new feature'! You've been running this stupid ad for months and months - take it down!
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And. . . it's back today! (Nov 28)
Click to close it and it opens a new tab. Useless, not to mention annoying.

Campaign Contributor
Your popup ads are annoying! They are not helpful at all as it interrupts my task flow. Please dispense with the popup ads!

Hi @MarkB83. What type of pop-up ads were you seeing? What page were you on? 

Campaign Contributor

The pop-up ad I referred to was only there one day. However the pop-up ad that appears upon sign in has been on display for months and months... it's annoying! I've attached a screenshot.Capture.JPG


Thank you @MarkB83. Do you need to close out of it every time you log in? Was this only appearing on the Constant Contact homepage or others? Also, do you happen to clear your cookies at all? 

Campaign Contributor

Yes, it is there everytime I login. It appears only on the homepage. Yes, I do clean my computer using CCleaner, Cleanup!, WiseCare365, and Advanced System Care.


Thank you for clarifying @MarkB83. I checked on my end and I see this ad appearing when I access our site, regardless of whether or not I clear my cookies or browsing history. I'll forward your concerns to our website team.  

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