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Update Twitter Logo to X Logo

Can we please update the Twitter logos in the "social follow" templates?

When I send out emails to subscribers, I don't want messages to look outdated because my email service has not updated this template yet. The change in name and logo occurred over a week ago.

Top Answer

This has been implemented in all emails built using the Cross Platform/Device Editor (CPE). If you're still seeing the Twitter logo, make sure you're not still using the older 3rd Generation Editor (3GE) to build your email. If you're in the CPE, make sure to edit your social bar to force the visual change through for your existing block, or simply delete and re-add.

Campaign Expert
My Social Media Follow block is showing the old Twitter icon. I removed it and re-added it, and even though the pull-down menu shows the new "X" icon, the old Twitter icon is what is showing in the Social Media Follow block. When will this be corrected?

I am not seeing the "X" icon in the social block settings. Is it available?


Still no updates to the X icon for Twitter.  We may be looking at other email software.


When is the X logo for Twitter going to be updated?  

Brand Visionary

We haven't received an update from Constant Contact since 8/25. Any news on adding an icon from the X brand kit to social follow blocks? Or can you at least tell customers why there is such a delay?

Marketing Expert

I'm also looking for the new X logo. Does it really take this long for you to update it? Are you dragging your feet for political reasons?

Campaign Expert

This is not about INTEGRATING with X. It's simply a matter of having the correct logo in the Social Follow block. Unless you're removing X from that block, you need to update the logo - please!


This seems like a simple update, can CC please provide an update and correct the old Twitter logo to X in the platform so all users do not appear outdated?

Campaign Expert

This is a small change.  If you can't handle a small task in a short amount of time, then how long would it take to handle a bigger task.  What is going on in the backend with your system, that no what can take care of this?  Our companies have lost faith in Constant Contact.  


Our newsletters link to our social media pages through your icons. Unfortunately, Elon has forced us to need to change the Twitter icon to "X". Is that a change you will be making soon to your icon packages? 



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