Provide code for multiple pop-up forms on a page

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Hello ,

For our company, we have multiple websites that I would like to collect emails from. 

I just spoke with one of your representatives that each account is only allowed one popup form.  I asked if there were any options to add more but there wasn't. 

Please change this feature so an account would have the ability to create multiple popups  for different websites.

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Hello @SCCFairgrounds,


Thank you for bringing up this feedback! I agree this would be valuable and I've passed the feedback along to our engineers and have also opened this post for voting.


I just spent 20 minutes in a chat asking if it is possible to have multiple pop-up sign up forms created in the same Constant Contact Account that are for different websites. The agent eventually told me no - that wouldn't work because there is universal code used. Then suggested I use an inline pop up form instead. I created one, just to discover that this also uses universal code, so presumably the same issue exists? Maybe a training issue?


Hi @FionaL17 although inline sign-up forms do connect to our universal code, they also have their own individual inline codes.




Being able to have a code specific to each pop up form is a feature request we are collecting feedback and requests on. Because of this I have merged your post into the appropriate thread.

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