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How to Remove Yourself from a Twitter List

Solution Provider

Today, I just gave some attention to a part of Twitter that I've pretty much ignored - lists. Yes, I've created a slew of lists, but I rarely go back to them unless I am doing some research on a particular subject or industry expert.


While I was checking my notifications, I noticed someone had added me to a Twitter list that would be more appropriate for my personal Twitter account.  When I clicked on the list hoping to find a way to remove myself from it, much to my surprise, there was not a way to do so. That's when I decided to pay a visit to my good friend  Google. I found a great article there, "How To: Remove Yourself From Stupid Twitter Lists" by Aaron Lee.

Here are the steps that Aaron shared with us:


1. Click on the Twitter list that you’ve been listed on.

2. Click on the user/Twitterer that created that list

3. Click BLOCK

4. Click UNBLOCK

5. Done! Check your Twitter list and you’re not in the ... list that you don’t want anymore.


Voilà, I am no longer in that list.

In addition to learning how to remove myself from a Twitter list, I also learned that there are some people - who I've never come in contact with - who have put me on Twitter lists with some top notch marketing and social Media experts. One of which is called "Cool & Clever People" by @ContentPlus. What an honor to be called cool
and clever at the same time! :-)


P.S. - Guess who I added to my list of cool & clever people? None other than @AskAaronLee! Thanks Aaron, you saved the day.



Romona Foster is a social media trainer and consultant. She trains groups and individuals on how to use LinkedIn, how to market on Facebook, all about Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Online Marketing, and Personal Branding. She was listed as one of the “best in tech” at DC Web Women’s Code(Her) Conference, and was a guest content strategy speaker for the Code(Her) Conference. Romona has also served as a small business coach at Eleanor Holmes Norton’s Small Business Fair, and has spoken to hundreds of small business owners and nonprofits at other venues. She has conducted workshops for several organizations including “How to Manage Social Media: Dedicating 60 Minutes Per Day” for The Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce & Arlington BizLaunch, “How to Market Your Events for Maximum Exposure & Profit” for the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, “Google Partners Connect” for Google, “Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn: Personal Branding for Sales Professionals” for the National Sales Network DC-Baltimore chapter, “Grow Your Business with Email + Social Media” for the DC Chamber of Commerce, “Social Media Marketing Made Simple” at the Microsoft Store, and "Discover the Power of Twitter Tweet-A-Thon Style" for Social Media Week, Washington, DC. She has been featured on WEAA 88.9 FM’s Briefcase Workshop Radio program and has recorded five radio promos on Clear Channel Media + Entertainment’s WASH-FM (97.1) for Constant Contact. Romona is a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert, certified Social Media Marketing Presenter, Email Marketing Trainer, and an accredited Constant Contact Solution Provider. She is also a two-time recipient of the Constant Contact ALL STAR Award (2012 & 2013).