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Exploring Lists

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Exploring Lists

When I work thru my opened list and click on a contact say on page two and then go back to the list it takes me to the very first entry on page 1. How inefficient and useless when trying to follow up on opens in a list longer than a page.
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Re: Exploring Lists

The navigational aides of the new interface have been a complaint of many.


Imagine being a Solution Provider or consultant , where you bill for your time and the time it takes to accomplish tasks have quadrupled in some cases.


Not sure what they were thinking.  


Love to hear from the Product Manager regarding all these UI / navigation complaints and if they are planning to address them.





CTCT Employee

Re: Exploring Lists

Hello @PaulP674 and @Clique_Marketing


Thank you for all your great feedback.  We want to make sure when you are working in the contacts you are working efficiently as possible. We are always interested to hear how each of our customers use the product in their own environment. I'm going to add this into our feedback system where we share thoughts from our customers. We use this to prioritize and add future product upgrades.


I do have a workaround you can use. When I am in a contact profile and am done, I use the backspace button to take me back to the previous screen. It will take me to the page I was working on before I went into the contact.

Anna Davila
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Re: Exploring Lists

Anna thnx - I have already tried that. It takes you to the page but not the entry - imagine 200 to a page and you have to sort thru to where you left off - they are not in alpha order either.  Its hard to imaging how this got missed its at the real heart of CC - the reason why we send emails - client contact. I don't get it. Needs to be like an Excel Spreadsheet which returns you to the cel you were working on. 

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Re: Exploring Lists

Hello@PaulP674Working with your contacts and keeping your contacts updated are always a challenge user's face. Often times it is not just one contact or two, it is multiple contacts to work through.  I recommend, you find the contacts that you would like to work with and place those contacts in their own special list from the reporting page. After you are done making edits or working with those contacts you can delete the list only when you are finished. I also apologize for any inconsistencies you may have experience with sorting, but putting the contacts in their own special list will allow for you to control the efficiency and time while updating or working with those contacts. I will also post some of your challenges you have experienced in our feed-back community here at Constant Contact for you as well. I hope these suggestions will help.