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It is automatically activated on the mobile device--who knew? Is that written somewhere? On the desktop--I purposefully disabled it---but the mobile view seems to override and has its own pre-registration email request---I have enabled the desktop with its own email request--now it is doubled on the mobile device----extra hampered steps that might dissuade some folks-- but the emails look great!
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Hi @BernadeF where on your event landing page are you seeing a request for your registrants email address? What browser are you using on your desktop or mobile device?

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Hi there! In order to have permission to send follow up info--The workaround was to have Event Attendees 

give their email -- then get forwarded on to

the event registration page

(most will overlook the 'check this box' for permission after the CAPTCH---maybe if the box and wording

were larger--customers would not overlook it-- and since it follows the CAPTCHA --(((usually the last CTA before moving forward))) most customers are just waiting for the CAPTCHa TO PROCESS.



on the desktop--Event Page will ask for the Email--Registration page asks for the email too (hopefully auto-populates)

on the mobile -- Event Page has an auto default landing page that Asks for email--passes thru to the Email landing page--then passes thru to the Registration page-- which equals to tooooo many hoops to jump thru and lost customers!

Thank you for asking--I am hearing that the Event Page will be updating sometime soon---any word on when?

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Hi @BernadeF thanks for following up with these details! At this time if a contact is not currently on your contact list, and they register for an event, the contact is giving permission to receive emails for the event itself and not all email marketing campaigns you may send. While we do not have a time estimate of when our event campaigns will be updated, we are always open to ways we can better our user's experience. Having the ability to have a larger, or more noticeable, permission checkbox on your registration page is a great feature request. We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in on this as well.

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