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Hi all, I want to add some HTML code to a Constant Contact template I am using. I tried editing the code but it looks like the code is locked. How can I add HTML code to a CC template? TIA!--Tony
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Hi @TonyG734. Our regular email editor does not have HTML editing capabilities. For that you'd want to use our custom code editor, and would need to build the email from scratch.


Caitlin M.
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Hi Caitlin,

I want to add some code to my template to allow advertising to be inserted using a third party. They have supplied the code, but I can't edit the code in the template. I really don't want to build a new newsletter template from the ground up.  Would love to learn whether there are alternatives. 




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If you're wanting to use code to pull info from outside sources, then that would require the custom code editor, and thus require building your email 100% from HTML coding you provide.


The regular email editor can have images and other elements inserted into it, but otherwise wouldn't really be compatible with anything that constantly scripts in 3rd party material.

William A
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