Question of the Week: Have you used the Content Generator yet?

The content generator is a feature from Constant Contact that helps eliminate writer's block and lets you create effective content easily. Have you had a chance to use this amazing feature? Here are some scenarios where the Content Generator can help you out:
  1. Struggling to create an About Us page? Enter your company’s core values and other important company details. Then, let our Content Generator handle the rest.
  2. Want to announce a new product in a persuasive or approachable tone? You can list a product’s features, select the tone, and generate a well-written product listing in minutes.
  3. Not sure how to start a social media announcement? Include the important details for the announcement and select your tone. The Content Generator will even generate hashtags for your post!

Read our AI Best Practices Guide to get the most out of the Content Generator.


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Have you used it yet? What has been your experience with the Content Generator?
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I recently tested the content generator. It's a pretty cool tool and helps when I run into writer's block. I like to use it for brainstorming, mostly. If I am stuck somewhere, I'll enter some content and see what the generator comes up with. Then I'll use those results to kickstart my brain and start writing fresh.


@DavidFischerSolutionsForGrowth I believe you have experience with the Content Generator? 

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We find the Content Generator tool to be of great value. Often you know what you want to say, but saying it succinctly can be a challenge. When using any AI tool, it’s important to ensure the content is completely correct and in language you are comfortable with. The Content Generator is versatile. Because of the tool, you can write about any range of topics from common to more specialized subjects. We find we need to tweak the copy to get to how we want it to sound, but it still saves time because you can dive right in and start writing instead of fishing around trying to find the words to begin.

The paragraph below is this one re-written by the content generator. We would go in and re-phrase it to make the copy sound more personal but the way the generator put the ideas in order and shortened up the sentences is an improvement over the initial paragraph we wrote.

Discover the immense value of our Content Generator tool. Simplifying your message can be challenging, but with this tool, you can easily convey your thoughts effectively. Accuracy and comfort in your language are key when utilizing AI tools. The Content Generator offers incredible advantages - it's versatile and allows you to create content on a wide range of topics, from common to specialized subjects. While some tweaking may be needed to perfect the copy, this tool saves time by enabling you to dive straight into crafting your content without wasting time searching for the right words.

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